Building on a foundation of collaborative thinking.

The experience Niagara Share brings to the table builds on more than two decades of work with some of the world’s top thought leaders in this space. Please see below for the strategies we employ and the types of leaders we partner with: 

  • Developed world-class teams to advance new collaborations and business models for clean production and sustainable development
    Co-founded and led the development of Clean Production Action, a global organization with world-class technical proficiency and credibility to deliver environmental tools and services like the BizNGO to NGOs, corporations, and governments worldwide, including Health Care Without Harm, Walmart, Apple, Staples, Nike, Kaiser Permanente, the European Union, California, Washington, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Created cutting edge solutions and new decision-making frameworks to drive market innovation towards greener, safer chemicals
    Co-designed, delivered, and facilitated market adoption of cutting-edge solutions for the electronics sector through Clean Production Action, such as the Green Screen for Safer Chemicals, now used widely by Hewlett Packard, Apple, Honeywell, and Clariant to drive supply chain innovation towards greener, safer materials that have more value in a more circular regenerative economy. 
  • Built new procurement tools that enable market preferences for electronic products designed to be more sustainable throughout their lifecycle
    Worked across NGO, government, and corporate leaders to build EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) – the largest green electronic product registry in North America – and co-developed product specifications that differentiated products in the marketplace based on their social and environmental performance, directing more than $1 billion in purchasing dollars toward greener products.
  • Created working partnerships across major manufacturers, suppliers, and NGOs to create viable procurement specifications for safer chemical and material use
    Created a working partnership across Apple, Clean Production Action, ChemSec, DSM, Seagate, and other electronic companies to establish supply chain procurement specifications for environmentally preferred materials and co-authored precedent-setting, widely-covered report Greening Consumer Electronics: the Move Away from Chlorine and Bromine. 
  • Launched market-based campaigns that leveraged environmental and social innovation
    Co-developed the Clean Car Campaign through Great Lakes United, Environmental Defense, and the Ecology Center of Ann Arbor, MI, which successfully partnered with major automakers in the Great Lakes like Ford and GM to integrate environmental and social design specifications to improve the production, use, and end-of-life treatment of vehicles as an approach to environmental innovation in the Great Lakes basin.