Bigger thinking leads to bigger impact.

For its partners, Niagara Share leverages critical research, peer reviewed science and well-established decision-making frameworks that deliver qualitative and quantitative benchmarks and performance metrics to improve value and impact. We integrate and work across three spheres:

  • Business/Industrial: Integration of new business models in key economic sectors that design towards circularity and regeneration of resources.
  • Social:  Better defined metrics for community revitalization and healthy job creation to leverage more benefits and equity for underserved communities in industrial communities.  
  • Economic/Investment: Benchmarks and investment structures tailored for solutions and entrepreneurship of new services, products and materials that contribute to the creation of a regenerative economy. 

Click here for analysis from McKinsey & Company on what is possible when we leverage leadership across businesses, governments, academia and NGOs to advance solutions to major environmental and social challenges.

As we transition from traditional business and economic models to address emerging social and environmental challenges, the benefits are clear to see: community and economic development that encompasses a sense of place, enhanced brand value, positive consumer experiences, new market share, and minimized risk. By combining passion with purpose, these are the results we work to achieve.

But the success of our work isn’t just “feel good” – it’s impactful and measurable.