Bigger thinking leads to bigger impact.

For its partners, Niagara Share leverages critical research, peer reviewed science and well-established decision-making frameworks that deliver qualitative and quantitative benchmarks and performance metrics to improve the environmental and social footprint of products and manufacturing processes.  For examples of Niagara Share's work, please see: 

  • Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing: With the University at Buffalo's Department of Materials Design and Innovation (MDI) and Clean Production Action (CPA), Niagara Share is accelerating the development of solutions for clean, safe, and cost-effective sustainable energy technologies.
  • Sustainability as a Business Strategy: Studies show that implementation of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will open up $12T in new market opportunities. As society looks to the private sector to advance solutions to climate change, toxic pollution, environmental racism and economic instability, the SDGs create a platform to positively mobilize the forces of capitalism to address these challenges. Who is going to position themselves to best capture these opportunities? Alexandra McPherson co-teaches a PMBA class for the University at Buffalo’s School of Management, “Sustainability as a Business Strategy” to address that very question for emerging leaders. 

Click here for analysis from McKinsey & Company on what is possible when we leverage leadership across businesses, governments, academia and NGOs to advance solutions to major environmental and social challenges.

As we transition from traditional business and economic models to address emerging social and environmental challenges, the benefits are clear to see: community and economic development that encompasses a sense of place, enhanced brand value, positive consumer experiences, new market share, and minimized risk. By combining passion with purpose, these are the results we work to achieve.

But the success of our work isn’t just “feel good” – it’s impactful and measurable.